European Electronic Security Standards

A member only document, probably in the form of an easily updated bulletin, identifying and describing the national standards, codes, rules and practices that impact on the specification and ongoing efficacy of electronic security systems within the European Union.


The account risk management role is increasing geographically with UK based surveyors required to undertake reviews or provide expert comment on risk management controls at sites in other European Countries.  Many UK insurers have European divisions and their surveyors are required to assess sites abroad, often with little or no experience of the regulatory framework prevailing in the given Country.

Project Deliverables

The document is expected to have a direct and immediate benefit within the RISCAuthority membership given the extent of European accounts UK insurers are involved with and the absence of a source of collated information.

Project Manager

Mike Jay
Mike Jay
Security Working Group Convenor


Project start date: October 2014
Estimated completion date: October 2015

Additional Information