F&RS GIS Update Website

A website to facilitate the annual update of information provided by the Fire & Rescue Services to Fire Protection Association & RISCAuthority (FPA) for their GIS systems. This is to replace the current process of sending pre-populated spreadsheets

We have identified the following user stories that will form deliverables for the project:

As a fire authority user, I want to...

  • Register and login to the system
  • View/edit fire appliance details (type, size, weight etc)
    • List View of all appliances
    • Detailed view of each fire appliance
  • Assign fire appliances to stations/locations
  • View/edit how each appliance is crewed each hour of the day/day of the week
  • View/edit delays associated with types of crewing
  • Upload file fire hydrant locations

As an FPA user, I want to...

  • Login to the system
  • View list of appliances/stations/appliances
    • Detailed view of an authority/station/appliance
    • Create link between authority and station
  • Create, update and delete authority/station.appliance
  • Copy forward historic data to help when creating/updating values
  • Download the uploaded file of fire hydrant locations
  • Export CSV from the current state of the database
  • View snapshots of older states of the database