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RISCAuthority has launched its new FREE to use Cladding Compliance Toolkit

RISCAuthority has produced a new toolkit to try and help users understand the complex, and at times confusing, legislative fire safety requirements of external building cladding systems. This work has been sponsored by the insurer members of RISCAuthority and the resulting toolkit has been made available to anyone via our website.. READ MORE

RISCAuthority has launched its new Fire & Flood Database download and analysis toolkit

The Fire & Flood Database is a repository of important information on significant fire and flood losses within the UK. Previously referred to as the Large Loss Database (or LLDB) this resource was renamed in 2021 to reflect an increase in its scope to incorporate significant flood related losses.. READ MORE..

Clear answers to better questions about Permanent Stacked Modular Buildings

Permanent Stacked Modular Buildings are being constructed as high-rise towers. Modular has become a familiar Modern Method of Construction (MMC) in which volumetric units of pre-finished room sized accommodation are stacked by tower crane around lift.... MORE

Refresh yourself with our comprehensive webinar library

Presented by industry experts, our webinars are designed to increase your knowledge on a wide range of subjects plus you can ask your questions live to presenters. A selection of free webinars have been made available HERE.

Familiarise yourself with our RISCAuthority toolkits

RISCAuthority have a range of useful resources available to the general public free of charge. For access to further resources, register your business as a member or create a user account if you are an employee of a member company. View our toolkits HERE.

RISCAuthority 2020 webinars meet CII accreditation standards

Following rigorous review of the 2020 webinar programme, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has renewed RISCAuthority’s accreditation, which permits it to promote the webinars as CII accredited...MORE