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About RISCAuthority

RISCAuthority is an annually funded research scheme, supported by a significant group of UK insurers, that conducts research in support of the development and dissemination of best practice on the protection of property and business.

Acting as a portal for communication between its membership and other stakeholders, RISCAuthority is well placed to offer advice and receive notification on all relevant subject matter. Underpinned by extensive research, RISCAuthority publishes through the Fire Protection Association (FPA), extensive guides and recommendations for risk mitigation in the areas of Fire and Security.

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BOOK NOW for our RISCAuthority London Seminar 2019

BOOK NOW for our RISCAuthority London Seminar 2019

24 May 2019

Members can now book to attend our 2019 London Seminar to be held on Monday 4th November at One Great George Street, London.

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