Our Team

RISCAuthority currently employ the following members of staff to oversee scheme objectives and work programmes. We pride ourselves on investing heavily into our workforce in order to provide our members with the highest quality research and risk analysis for improved business continuity.



Dr Jim Glockling


Jim joined the FPA in 2002 after beginning his career at...

Adrian Butler

Technical Working Group Convenor and Principal Consultant

Adrian joined the FPA 2021, having previously worked in...

Ian Abley

Technical Working Group Convenor and Principal Consultant

Ian joined the FPA in 2021, having worked for many years...

Stuart Campbell

Senior Technical Consultant

Stuart joined the FPA in 2004 as a project manager working...

George Edwardes

Technical Consultant

George joined the FPA in 2014 with experience as a research...

Courtney Savidge

Data Technician

Courtney joined the FPA in 2019 with 12 years’...

Simon Hayes

Systems Developer

Simon joined the FPA in 2003 with vast experience...