Kitchen Extract Ductwork Cleaning Standard

15 June 2017

A new Loss Prevention Standard (LPS 2084) has now been published to address insurer concerns over the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of kitchen extract ductwork systems.

A new Loss Prevention Standard LPS 2084 Requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of companies carrying out inspection, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems has now been published to address concerns regarding poor standards of cleaning of kitchen extract ductwork.  These concerns were raised by RISCAuthority member insurers, a large UK based property owner and an independent cleaning contractor with links to the then Heating & Ventilating Contractors Association (HVCA), now the Building and Engineering Contractors Association (BESA).

It was established that there were no existing certification schemes operated by a UKAS accredited certification body albeit HVAC / BESA did operate a form of certification for their members which it was concluded was ineffective on the basis of the prevalence of fires in kitchen extract ductwork systems and independent surveys of reportedly cleaned systems where standards of cleanliness were found to be inadequate. Offers to support BESA in improving their own certification scheme by RISCAutority were rejected and hence an approach made to LPCB towards the development of a suitable certification scheme.

Support for this approach was gathered from insurers via members of the RISCAuthority Risk Control Working Group, cleaning contractors and independent ventilation and ductwork systems consultants. A series of meetings and primary research undertaken by LPCB led to the initial development of a loss prevention standard and subsequent consultation with interested parties including the Risk Control Working Group. In later drafts the focus of the standard was however switched away by LPCB from kitchen extract systems solely to the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems in general. Representation from insurers via RISCAuthority and Aviva and a further meeting saw the subsequent addition of an Appendix (Appendix A) which deals specifically with requirements for kitchen extract ductwork systems.

The LPS 2084 has been published by LPCB albeit little by way of promotion is being undertaken initially in order that demand that has built up as a result of the development work can be serviced.

To download the Loss Prevention Standard please click below 

LPS 2084 Kitchen Extract