INFORMER database development

The INFORMER database is much used and supports well the Business and Property Protection Portal.  Key elements of it require regular updating as follows:

  • Principle Postcode Boundary Dataset

The principle postcode boundary dataset describes the locations around the UK that we resolve our data to for the production of the reports.  Each year the UK postcode dataset changes due to:

  1. Creation of new postcodes as more areas are developed with buildings
  2. Deletion / retirement of postcodes as areas develop greater population densities (a single postcode may be retired in favour of many new ones)

Updating the principle postcode boundary dataset requires recalculation of all of the datasets within INFORMER.  This impacts:

  • All data held on the INFORMER database
  • All data and web displays of the FRS Response Toolkit
  • All data held on the Business and Property Protection Portal
  • Datasets

Datasets such as Crime are produced on a monthly basis.  A more up-to-date analysis could now be made upon the year ending 2016 with a review of all sets of data held on INFORMER.

There is also a need to review coverage of data for the UK which because of devolution is becoming more difficult. 

Project Manager

jimGV2 Jim Glockling
RISCAuthority Director
Project start date: May 2017
Estimated completion date: August 2018

Additional Information

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