Sandwich Panel Testing

Fire Testing of Sandwich Panel Filling Material using an imperfect build methodology

Many previous projects pertaining to the use of sandwich panels have identified theimpact of core composition and joining methods in 'perfect build' configurations such as LPS 1181.  Insurers state they commonly find installations where through damage, modification or imperfect installation the core has been exposed and not adequately repaired.  This programme of work aspires to provide output that will assist the insurer engage with end users to understand the risks of poor passive finishing in sandwich panel constructions.  All suppliers of sandwich panels provide repair and maintenance guidance and it is hoped that this will assist with its uptake.


The testing will be carried out at the FPAs Blockley Fire Test Laboratory at medium scale - enclosure to fit under smoke collection hood (3m x 2m x 2.5m high)

  • programmable gas burner to provide high accuracy progressive fire challenge
  • smoke collection hood
  • panel support structure to create enclosure
  • inert penetrating conduits such as ductwork and replication of cut panel assemblies
  • calorimetry of ductwork to ascertain contribution of panel to fire


  1. Survey of insurers for photographic evidence of imperfect/damaged.modified sandwich panel installations
  2. Survey of panel types to consider including jointing mechanisms, core material, fixing methods
  3. Experimental study to determine:
    a. How damage, poor installation, poor modification can affect fire performance
    b. Whether sensitivity to damage is different for each panel/core type
  4. Experimental demonstration of the benefits of proper installation / repair procedures

Project Manager


Jon O'Neill
FPA Managing Director

Project start date: March 2017
Estimated completion date: December 2017

Additional Information

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