S15 - Guidance on evaluating the performance of alarm transmission systems

  • 23 May 2011
  • Security and arson prevention

It is important that end users are able to obtain a clear understanding from specifiers of the performance of the various signalling products and services now available, such that they can be sure that they do satisfy the risk assessed requirements for their personnel/property protection. Equally, it is vital that specifiers can knowledgeably and unambiguously obtain and provide suitable advice to end users, and in that regard Alarm Transmission System (ATS) providers understand what information and evidence of performance may be expected of them.

This document aims to assist this process by examining the technical issues seen as key to the dependable performance of an ATS, whether a ‘traditional’ ATS, or one of the ‘new generation’ systems now proliferating. It also offers advice on the potential for specifiers and end users to determine the assessed performance of ATSs via (independent) third party certification.