Site Security Briefing Notes Compendium

  • 16 Feb 2018

Allowing for the fact that a large proportion of enterprises are of the small or ‘micro’ type, the majority of businesses and other operations in buildings are located in crowded towns and cities and do not benefit from occupying a defendable site. Even large operations may, for any number of reasons, be unable to maintain a complete cordon around their assets. The interface with the immediate environment will require linear security such as appropriate fencing and gates. Beyond that, the risk assessment may suggest the need for a certain depth of additional security, perhaps in the form of security lighting, intruder alarm protection, CCTV and manned guarding. In combination, the self-contained briefing notes in this compendium represent a holistic security package adaptable to most types of site needing investment in security.

This compendium inclues:

  • External and perimeter security systems
  • External security lighting
  • Fences, walls and gates
  • Site Layout
  • Manned guarding