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Insurance Policy

The first of this year’s biannual RISCAuthority Seminars took place last month to explore the key issues facing the insurance industry. Mark Sennett was on hand to cover this flagship event.

Business Continuity Tools

Dr Jim Glockling explains how RISCAuthority has partnered with fire and rescue services to offer business continuity tools to promote property protection and resilience initiatives.

FRM April - Business Continuity Tools

Inside information

Dr Jim Glockling speaks to FRM about a recent talk he gave in Washington DC on the part Building Information Modelling plays when disaster strikes

FRM April - Inside Information

An Insurer's Slant

In this month’s column, Andy Miller reports on the role of safes and physical security products in protecting businesses and their employees.

Converted offices risk review

Adair Lewis scrutinises large loss fire statistics on converted offices, examines specific risks and suggests ways of addressing them.

FRM April - Converted Offices Risk Review

Developments within RISCAuthority

Dr Jim Glockling reports from the FPA’s recent meeting with the Building Regulations Advisory Committee and highlights some exciting news about developments within RISCAuthority

Make Your Move

Wilf Butcher outlines a new national training programme that aims to improve standards of passive fire protection specification, inspection and installation within the construction sector

College/University Risk Review

Large loss fires in educational premises are examined this month by Adair Lewis, who homes in on the tertiary education sector, bringing good and bad news

An Insurere's Slant

A key topic for insurers and alarm responders alike was in focus at the latest gathering of the Association of Insurance Surveyors members, as chair Andy Miller reports

Insurer Interests

RISCAuthority is an annually funded research scheme
supported by all major commercial UK insurers. FRM editor Mark Sennett met its outgoing chairman Chris Hanks and his successor David Williams to find out what lies ahead

A Single Fire & Rescue Service?

Dr Jim Glockling outlines the positions of the FPA and RISCAuthority on whether there is a need to cut the number of fire and rescue services in the UK

  FRM January - A Single Fire & Rescue Service?

Transport buildings risk review

Adair Lewis gives advice on mitigating risks in  buildings that make up just one part of a very diverse transport sector and account for 36% of large loss transport fires

An Insurer's Slant

In the first instalment of his new monthly column, Andy Miller provides key background on the Association of Insurance Surveyors and an update from the group’s recent meeting

Success of Safe Futures

Dr Jim Glockling urges stakeholders to build on the success of the Safe Futures campaign, previews next year’s RISCAuthority seminars in London and Manchester, and closes with a note on the ‘sustainability equation’

FRM December - Success of Safe Futures

Barns Risk Review

Adair Lewis turns the spotlight on statistics for an agricultural business sector experiencing large losses – barns of traditional construction

Sustainable Buildings

Dr Jim Glockling gives his perspective on the fire risks posed by sustainable buildings in the wake of a fire destroying a timber-framed laboratory at the University of Nottingham

Capital Protection

With stakes so high for high-tech businesses, we asked Adair Lewis to point out the special fire safety considerations they cannot afford to ignore.

FRM November - Capital Protection

Factories Risk Review

Large loss fire data on modern factories come under
scrutiny, as Adair Lewis draws out specific risks and
suggests ways of addressing them

A Safer Future

Dr Jim Glockling gives an overview of the FPA’s Safe Futures Campaign and highlights its key objectives

FRM October - A safer future

Alternative Detection

Phil Cunliffe explains how the development of smoke detection technology, which combines optical and heat sensing in one detector, offers an effective non-radioactive alternative to ionisation smoke detectors

FRM October - Alternative detection

Crying Wolf

Paul Woods takes a forward look to a time when automatic fire alarms signals can be trusted and what that might mean to the UK fire service

FRM October - Crying Wolf

Urgent review of building regulations needed

Douglas Barnett and Dr Jim Glockling discuss the need for an urgent review of Building Regulations to address changing building methods, materials deployed and fire loss experience in the UK 

Sprinkler Solution

Sprinkler systems are one of the most robust and reliable forms of fire protection available on the market. Iain Cox outlines the case for why their installation should be mandated in warehouse sizes more akin to those enforced in Europe

Why we are so tolerant of large fires that destroy heritage properties?

Dr Jim Glockling questions why we are so tolerant of large fires that destroy heritage properties, when more effort needs to be made to protect our national treasures.

FRM September - Heritage Property Fires

Industrial mills risk review

Adair Lewis analyses data relating to large-loss fires in industrial mills.

RISCAuthority and insurers drill down to top priorities

Planning for a significant yet necessarily succinct briefing made RISCAuthority and insurers drill down to top priorities. Dr Jim Glockling shares this wish-list

  FRM July - Safe Futures Campaign  

Minimising the risks at outdoor sporting venues

Adair Lewis examines large-loss data on fires that have occurred at outdoor sporting venues and offers advice on minimising risks.

The drive to reduce the scale of waste fires

With the scale of waste fires headlining the news, Dr Jim Glockling looks at causes, impacts and insurer perspectives, and how RISCAuthority and partners are supporting the drive to reduce them

  FRM June - Waste Fires Viewpoint

The latest figures for large-loss fires in Places of Worship

Adair Lewis provides an analysis of the latest figures relating to large-loss fires at religious premises 

When should the government intervene on building method selection?

Dr Jim Glockling gives further insight into when he feels the government should intervene on building method selection and provides more information on insurer large-loss fire statistics.

FRM May - Large Loss Fire Statistics

Engineering sector risk review

Adair Lewis analyses the latest data relating to large loss fires in the UK engineering sector 

FRM May - Engineering Sector Risk Review

The importance of making business continuity templates simple and easy for businesses to use

Dr Jim Glockling shares his views on the importance of making business continuity templates simple and easy for businesses to use.

  FRM April - Importance of Business Continuity

Ruducing the risk of large-loss fires in waste warehouses

Adair Lewis provides an analysis of the latest figures relating to large-loss fires in waste warehouses and offers some advice to reduce the risks.

Reassessing RISCAuthority’s research priorities

With the New Year comes an opportunity to take stock of RISCAuthority’s accomplishments and reassess research priorities going forward in 2014, writes Dr Jim Glockling

RISCAuthority Priorities

Reducing the risk of large-loss in hospital fires

Adair Lewis analyses data relating to large-loss fires in hospital premises and looks at ways of reducing the risks