Member Benefits

As a RISCAuthority member, your organisation has access to a wide range of resources, including: software and data toolkits, standards and guides, training and engagement, and a number of events where you can connect with likeminded associates. Access is exclusive to RISCAuthority members and accessible by all member company employees.

Software and Data Toolkits

Our ‘big data’ models assist members and their customers to understand the UK better from a risk perspective and support our substantial lobbying efforts.

Core data sets and derivative tools can be supplied to the membership in full for embedding within your IT systems.

Our toolkits include:

  • The Large-Loss Statistics dataset and analysis tools allows members to view current and emerging trends in fire losses and benchmark their own claims experience against the industry with real-time statistical analysis.
  • The INFORMER database which reconciles approximately 700 risk control appropriate factors to each and every one of the UK’s 1.8 million postcodes to assist members remotely understand geographical risks.
  • Fire and Rescue Service Response Modelling, with the support of UK Fire and Rescue Services (FRS), this state-of-the-art interactive mapping tool accurately describes appliance arrival at any UK postcode for each hour of the day and day of the week.
  • Business and Property Protection Portal which utilises all of our business and geographical data resources to automatically and intelligently ascribe the extensive RISCAuthority library, and other valuable unbiased, quality and free resources.
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Analysis offers essential knowledge of local policy for both underwriting and risk control provision purposes.
  • ROBUST Business Continuity Software is a free business continuity planning software toolkit designed specifically to help SMEs produce an effective plan and recovery strategy in the event of a disruptive incident.
  • The Informer geographic information system (GIS) provides map-based visual access to the datasets that sit behind the INFORMER database, enabling deeper interrogation of the core data.
  • Supply Chain Risk Management toolkit helps companies of all types and sizes identify their most critical suppliers, so effort can be focused on managing those suppliers that have the biggest impact to the business.
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Structure and Guides

Our extensive document library assists the insurer, designer, architect, owner and end-user embed resilient measures into their businesses and process operations.

Our document library includes:

  • Insurer property protection guides, offering the construction design community technical guidance about how to protect commercial buildings from fire with a view to improving overall business resilience.
  • Business sector risk review reports, highlighting the claims loss history for particular business sectors.
  • Need to know guides which describe every geographical risk trigger, statistical trigger, over-rider and business type delivered through the Business and Property Protection Portal
  • Risk control guides; a suite of over 60 documents that oversee and direct the development of loss prevention / risk control guidance for industrial and commercial processes and systems.
  • Security guides; an expanding library of 32 guidance documents examining current crime and security challenges and state-of-the-art security solutions
  • Building design guides which describe measures that should be taken in addition to the mandated life-safety requirements, to ensure that protection of commercial property and the resilience of businesses are suitably addressed.
  • Exclusive insurer insight reports covering range of topics including modern methods of construction, fire and rescue service operations and response policy to automatic fire alarms.
  • Fixed firefighting systems. In the absence of proven standards and with justified concerns about performance, RISCAuthority has published guidance and questionnaires aimed at equipping users with tools to understand and improve such propositions.
  • The LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations, published by the Fire Protection Association with technical authorship drawn through the RISCAuthority scheme.
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Training and Engagement

RISCAuthority enables members to maintain a high degree of involvement and influence in the organisation’s work.

  • Expert Advice Assistance; our multi-disciplinary technical team are on hand to offer expert advice via a helpline service on a broad spectrum of topics including fire, flood, security and legislation.
  • RISCAuthority represents its insurer members across a range of industry platforms, sitting on committees and working groups to influence and steer the direction of Government and leading establishments.
  • RISCAuthority acts as a representative on behalf of its members to influence and undertake the development of industry guidance and standards.
  • The scheme develops and disseminates insurer advice, guidance and toolkits to the wider market.
  • RISCAuthority membership automatically entitles each member organisation to FPA membership.
  • Industry Engagement; the scheme seeks input and engagement at all levels for all projects from the wider industry.
  • Our training events and webinars are CII CPD accredited and attending members are awarded CII CPD points.
  • Members are entitled to request RISCAuthority experts to deliver regular presentations to their Underwriting, Risk Control, and Surveying teams.
  • We can customise RISCAuthority documents and resources for with a member’s branding both print and digital distribution.
  • Local Resilience Feedback Forum aims to feed back locally relevant information to help members manage the risks of their customers at those flood locations.
  • Fire and Risk Management Journal; all members receive multiple copies of the industry leading magazine, published by FPA.
  • All insurer members are entitled to have representation on each of the working groups, and the scheme’s outputs are scoped, specified and steered by members.
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Member engagement is at the heart of the opportunities RISCAuthority membership can offer. We work closely with members to structure a programme that ensures maximum benefit for all. 

We value member participation, attendance and insight at all events and work closely with members on the development of future activities.

The scheme offers a comprehensive and varied programme of events covering a wealth of topics and in formats to suit individuals and groups, recognising the value placed on face to face, live events as much as the convenience and wide appeal of regular webinars.

  • Access to the Fire Protection Association’s large scale fire laboratory; the facility is commonly used for insurer training, event re-enactment, client demonstration and guidance development.
  • Fire Protection Association laboratory open days where demonstrations of emerging issues, established mitigation methods, and new technologies are given.
  • Fire Sector Summit features a high caliber of speakers and key stakeholders from across the industry, in a mix of plenary and workshop style sessions and offers delegates the opportunity to pose questions directly to those in authority.
  • RISCAuthority annual and biannual seminars present invaluable opportunities for the discussion of emerging concerns and recent issues.
  • Working Groups; formed from experts within the membership itself, augmented by the Fire Protection Association and externally commissioned consultants, the Working Groups cover all relevant perils from Fire, Flood, Security and Escape of Water issues.
  • Webinars seek to keep user skills current by having industry and topic experts tackle technical and strategic issues whilst additionally providing an opportunity for Q&A.
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