Business Sector Risk Review Reports

RISCAuthority has updated its suite of business sector risk review reports, which provide key fire loss statistics and targeted fire safety information for 72 types of businesses.

RISCAuthority’s business sector risk review reports are a suite of documents that provide key fire loss statistics and targeted fire safety information for a range of business types. First produced in 2014, these documents have become one of the most downloaded resources on the RISCAuthority website.

In 2020, the RISCAuthority large loss insurer database (LLDB), which provides the fire loss information that underpins these reports, underwent a significant update and changes to the categorisation of business types within it – which meant that the old sector reports became outdated.

In total there are 180 different business types listed in the database, although only 72 of those have sufficient loss data associated with them to produce a meaningful sector risk review report. Updated reports have been produced containing financial and other summary loss statistics covering the last 10 years. All of the updated reports are available to members here.

New analysis tools developed for the LLDB have greatly simplified the process of extracting  loss data used in the sector reports, and this will enable the reports to be updated more regularly going forward. The range of sector review reports provided will continue to be monitored, with new business types added to the suite if and when sufficient case data is accumulated to indicate that this is appropriate.