CII CPD accreditation

Following rigorous review of the 2020 webinar programme, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has renewed RISCAuthority’s accreditation, which permits it to promote the webinars as CII accredited.

In the review outcome on 15 January 2021, it recognised that in response to COVID-19 RISCAuthority had surpassed its webinar target for the year, to the huge benefit of the membership.

The CII stated ‘The occurrence of COVID-19 and the subsequent need to work remotely has brought its challenges but it has also brought about a need for remote learning and engagement which the FPA believe they have facilitated to the best of their ability.

‘It has demonstrated a better method of working than previously and the FPA’s (RISCAuthority’s) intention is to retain a high webinar output into the future.’

We extend our thanks to all who contributed, and as ever seek input from the membership as to what future topics we should tackle – please send suggestions to