The Fire & Flood Database is a repository of important information on significant fire and flood losses within the UK. Previously referred to as the Large Loss Database (or LLDB) this resource was renamed in 2021 to reflect an increase in its scope to incorporate significant flood related losses.

RISCAuthority originally introduced this system many years ago to replace the paper-based methods formally administered by ABI as described in the ‘Blue Book’. Submissions to the database are made on insurers’ behalf by the loss-adjusting community, usually as part of their contract, for incidents that have a total loss value (ignoring deductibles, averaging, repudiation, and withdrawn components) in excess of £100K or which involved a fatality.

The usefulness of the recorded data cannot be underestimated in terms of supporting the lobbying work done by RISCAuthority and its members in pursuit of reducing future losses.  And with almost seven thousand case records, each containing a significant amount of financial and practical information relating to those incidents, it is important for insurers to have the right tools to analyse the data meaningfully.

The new download toolkit enables users to extract desensitised aggregate data-sets from the Fire & Flood Database, as well as case data for their own company for a defined date range. A user guide and comprehensive data analysis spreadsheet template are also available for download. The template provides a variety of summary tables and customisable charts which insurers can use to compare their own data with that of the broader insurance sector, or analyse the data sets individually. It  also includes a printable summary report which, together with all the tables and charts, is produced automatically.

Due to the sensitive nature of the stored data, this website will only be accessible by specific representatives of RISCAuthority member companies. At launch that will initially only include members of the RISCAuthority Members Forum and the F&FDB Working Group. However, participants of the Members Forum have each been asked to nominate additional staff members from their company that should also be given access to the toolkit.

This new toolkit website can be found here.