Hot Work Induction Tool

This customisable and FREE to distribute software is now available for you to supply to your clients, to help them manage their hot works risks at point of entry.

As hot works related fires stubbornly continue to cause significant insurance losses, this software is designed to ensure best practice risk control processes are understood by all entering a site.

Located on a PC with printer and camera at reception, the software elicits information from those entering a site to conduct hot works and takes them through a hot works safety video, before asking them to complete a series of questions to demonstrate they have watched and understood what is required of them. If they answer enough questions correctly, then a photo ID, time limited certificate is issued to them which also contains important emergency site contact details.

The software is available free of charge from here in RISCAuthority/FPA livery. Customised versions containing member logos are available upon request. Please contact Courtney Ford to arrange a demonstration of the software, or to commission a version customised with your own livery for distribution to your customers.

You can download the toolkit here.