Supply Chain Toolkit

RISCAuthority’s upply chain toolkit helps companies manage their supply chain risks and establish a stronger, more resilient business.

Virtually all companies deal with external suppliers to support their business, but few are likely to have considered the potential consequences should one of their key suppliers experience a major disruption. Supply chain disruption is becoming an increasingly significant and often unavoidable area of risk. RISCAuthority provides a web based toolkit to help businesses manage this risk and establish a stronger, more robust supply chain. Lunched in 2019, the toolkit has been well received by users and, following feedback, is about to be updated to provide additional features.

The approach enables the creation of a web portal, customised to include your member company livery, that you may direct your customers to. Using simple guides, the customer configures the site with their supplier details. The toolkit then automatically determines the risk rating of suppliers, based on the responses received to a set of multiple choice questions covering gross profit dependency, supplier resilience to disruption and the mitigation options available to the business. Having identified supply chain weakness, the risks can be mitigated using standard methods.

The tool is complemented by free guides and resources to help businesses understand and adopt measures to increase their resilience to any potential supply chain failure.

Following feedback from users of the toolkit, an update has been commissioned to provide additional functionality, including:

•       enhanced administrative functions for members

•       the ability for members to add their own reference and guidance information to the existing document library for users

•       an instructional introductory video that demonstrates how to use the supply chain toolkit using a fictional example company

•       a fully working demonstration company, pre populated with suppliers and assessments, that can be viewed and edited by new users (including unregistered users) to gain familiarity with the tool and learn how to use it - the fictional company used for this will be the same as that demonstrated in the instructional video

Work on this update will commence in January 2021, with the intention of launching the updated toolkit in February.

To experience the toolkit, please visit the RISCAuthority supply chain site here.

If you are a RISCAuthority member organisation and would like to have a portal configured to your own requirements, please email Courtney Ford.