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To assist with the upkeep of the B&PPP universal library, we would like you to submit details of good open source risk control resources pertinent to fire, flood, security, arson, liability and so on. Each month the best submissions by a RISCAuthority member will be put forward for a prize draw, and the winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

The business and property protection portal (B&PPP) is an intelligent toolkit for the automatic assignment of risk control advice to the user, based upon knowledge of business type and geographical location. Using data from the large loss and INFORMER databases, risks pertinent to the business type and postcode location are analysed, and the resulting conclusions used to trigger the delivery of relevant risk control documentation. For example, if the business type is retail, and crime statistics of shoplifting are particularly high for that postcode, then the system will deliver a hotlink to a guide on protecting against shoplifting. The universal library is delivered to all implementations of the site (bespoke member sites can be easily created for your customers and hold additional restricted resources), and it is imperative that this is kept up to date with state of the art resources.

With a membership of around 2,500 users, we would like to exploit the eyes and ears of the RISCAuthority membership to keep this library up to date.

If you come across any quality open source risk control guidance (such as that issued by CFPA, HSE, the police, the fire and rescue service, the Environment Agency, heritage groups, the fire industry, the flood industry and so on) – please supply the link to the resource to Courtney Ford. All good submissions will be considered for inclusion in the B&PPP universal library, and your name will be entered into the end of month draw. Resources can be PDF guides, websites or video streams – anything that can be accessed by a hotlink.

If your company does not have a B&PPP of their own, and would like one, please contact Courtney Ford.