Welcome to the RISCAuthority website

Our ambition was to create a website that was secure, accessible and newsworthy enough to warrant the membership dropping in more often to see what’s new. Good communication is essential to ensure that RISCAuthority is providing what is needed to its membership, and that what is produced is known about and fully utilised. The security of the website is handled by OKTA, which affords us great flexibility in assigning tailored access privileges and  seamlessly weaving together disparate websites with a single sign on requirement. It may take some time to achieve full functionality as we move many of the existing toolkits onto more secure and higher performing cloud servers, but we will get there in time.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the site, please email them to Jennifer Allen.

Through the website you will now be able to engage with all ongoing projects and receive notifications of all new deliverables as they are published.