Our Projects

Development of the Large-loss Database

Taking forward the work completed in 2019, the Large-Loss database will be relaunched with a new upload site that additionally elicits flood loss data and incorporates improved field categories for describing business type, location of fire, and ignition sources. A new means of providing data for analysis via excel templates will also be made. 

Motivation for this project include:

  • A requirement to improve insurance loss data collection and quality
  • A requirement to extend data collection to include Flood (in addition to fire)
  • A requirement to improve accessibility to the data
  • A requirement to improve analysis of the data
  • A requirement to assure data security (GDPR)

Key deliverables of this project include:

  • New upload site (for loss adjusters)
  • New delivery site (via the RISCAuthority website)
  • Re-analysed datasets to new fields
  • Analysis templates

Project manager: Dr Jim Glockling, Director

Working Group: Intervention and Monitoring

Project start date: January 2020