BDM09 Fire risk minimisation guidance for the food industry

Fire has been and continues to be one of the major issues facing the food processing and storage and distribution industries in the UK. Whilst there have been a number of attempts in the past to evolve a generally agreed standard that food companies can work towards, there has been no universal consensus on what is a proper and economic way to control fire risk in the food industry

The first objective of this guidance is to produce a Code of Practice that is acceptable to insurers. Secondly, the guidance establishes a generic property loss control standard that companies can aspire to in the expectation that damage to the assets and earnings of their businesses will, at best, be prevented or, at worst, be minimised. The approach is to encourage ongoing gradual improvement that is economically viable. Given the changes to fire safety legislation, the guidance also updates the approach that individual companies must take to ensure that they are fully compliant with legislative requirements.