Fire Engineering Guide for Property Protection and Business Resilience 2020

This document provides guidance on the key factors in ensuring that property protection and business resilience have been adequately considered during the design stage of a fire engineering solution and accompanying fire strategy. 

The consideration of ‘resilience’ demands the analysis of all possible challenges irrespective of whether their management is a legally mandated requirement or not, and as such can involve a significant extension of scope for practitioners who have solely worked in the compliance sector. Specialist assistance may be required. The goal of resilience is to ensure the building or business survives, in addition to ensuring there is no loss of life and all legal requirements were met.

‘Resilience’ is considered here in terms of the three major contributing components of susceptibility, vulnerability and recovery, all of which can be influenced by the application of fire engineering methods. This framework also provides a preferential order to the application of control measures: to avoid fire (susceptibility) will always give a greater reward than measures designed to control a fire; measures that limit fire spread (vulnerability) will always give greater reward than measures designed to recover what is lost (recoverability).