RC44 Recommendations for Fire Risk assessment of catering extract ventilation

Fires can start anywhere in kitchens, regardless often of their use and location – for example in a hotel, dedicated catering establishment, or take-away premises. In any circumstance, their consequences can be severe if the conditions permit fires to spread out of control as a result of the ignition of grease which has been allowed to build up within extract ductwork. Many forms of cooking create droplets of oil and fat in the air that condense and form oily or greasy films on surfaces. Over a period of time, these films become thick enough to cause a fire hazard.

This 2nd Edition of RC44 provides background information on grease residues that can result from different styles of cooking and on the main components of extract systems. It has been revised to address development in cleaning practices and changes introduced to TR19® by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).