RC46 Risk control for biofuel manufacturing facilities

The biofuel industry in the UK has grown from almost nothing in 2005 to an industry with a capacity to produce over 1.5 billion litres per year in 2021. This industry forms part of the UK strategy to reduce use of fossil fuels.

To align with the growth in size and scale of biofuel production, RC46 has been extensively revised and is now titled "Risk control for biofuel manufacturing facilities".

This guide covers property risk control and fire safety in the commercial manufacture of liquid biofuels. The the scope of the original guide, which focused on small-scale biodiesel production, has been expanded to cover bioethanol production plants and a full range of biofuel facilities up to large industrial scale manufacturing plants.

Problems at biofuel facilities often arise from failure to adhere to good risk management and manufacturing practices for chemical manufacturing plants, so the approach to risk control taken in this fully revised guide, is aligned with expectations for chemical / process sector manufacturing plants.