Cladding Compliance Toolkit

RISCAuthority is currently in the process of producing an interactive, web based tool to help users understand the fire rating requirements of external building cladding systems, based on a number of simple questions.

The tool will be freely accessible to both members and non members of RISCAuthority, and should be available shortly.

In the process of developing this toolkit we have produced flowcharts for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - which illustrate the decisions and factors that affect the fire performance requirements of key cladding elements, as specified in the Building Regulations and approved documents for each region. In advance of delivering the new toolkit we are making these flowcharts available for download now.

This information is intended to act as a stepping stone in the process of understanding this complex and controversial area of fire safety, and should only be used for initial guidance and the prompting of further investigation, rather than the direct selection of cladding systems. The FPA recognises that others may interpret the requirements set out in the Building Regulations and approved documents differently to that indicated here, and recommend that users also refer to those documents for definitive guidance. Should you identify any inaccuracies within these flowcharts, please let us know by contacting

For reference, the regulatory guidance for each region can be found here:

Update - April 2021

A significant change in the Scottish building regulations has necessitated a revision of the Cladding Compliance Flowchart for Scotland. The flowcharts for England, Wales and Northern Ireland have also been updated with some minor typographical and technical corrections (detailed here).