Supply Chain Risk Management Toolkit

The Supply Chain Risk Management toolkit is a free online toolkit to help companies understand which suppliers would have most impact on their business in the event of an interruption.

Supply chain management is a major issue for UK businesses, with a recent 2018 study by the Business Continuity Institute confirming that over half of firms surveyed had experienced at least one disruption in their supply chain within the previous 12 months. With supply chains expanding and becoming ever more complex, the risk of businesses experiencing an interruption is becoming more commonplace. Furthermore, many of the common causes of supply chain disruption such as natural catastrophes, cyber-attacks, accidents, political unrest or labour strikes, can be difficult to predict, and time consuming to overcome.

This new supply chain toolkit will help companies of all types and sizes identify their most critical suppliers, so effort can be focused on managing those suppliers that have the biggest impact to the business. By answering a few multiple-choice questions, the site, using built in formula, is able to assess the risk rating of each of your suppliers, and offer measures to manage the risk.  

The site uses the latest cloud-based technology and data encryption software and is accessible on all modern and mobile devices.

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