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Presented by industry experts, our webinars are designed to increase your knowledge on a wide range of subjects plus you can ask your questions live to presenters. A selection of free webinars have been made available in this area, with all recordings made available to members within the members area. For access to further resources, register your business as a member or create a user account if you are an employee of a member company.

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BS EN 12845 Clause 12.4.2 (TB229)

Date Added

12 May 2021


20 Minutes

Following the recent letter sent out to industry, this follow-up webinar will explain the intent of the existing BS EN 12845 clause and provide information/background on the newly approved proposal for inclusion into TB229 related to this update.



The insurance challenges of MMC modular construction methods – An introduction to RISCAuthority Questionnaire IQ8

Date Added

23 February 2021


1 hour

Ian Abley, RISCAuthority Passive Working Group convenor, describes the basics of modular construction methods, and gives practical guidance on detailing pertinent to the assurance of correct fire performance during construction and through the building life. 


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Cladding systems: Insurer information requirements

Date Added

26 November 2020

The determination of the safety and legitimacy of cladding systems is complex and dependant upon many factors including country, building height, building type, building occupancy, and of course cladding system component combustibility. RISCAuthority’s Passive Working Group has developed an insurer questionnaire (IQ7: Cladding Systems) – that elicits the information required by anyone trying to assess risk, with particular attention paid to ensuring the methods are evidenced by submission of the necessary reports, standards, and design documents.

Sprinkler Systems - Service Maintenance Requirements

Date Added

19 November 2020

This short webinar was held to refresh all interested parties concerned with service and maintenance of sprinkler systems to meet current LPC standards for commerical and industrial properties.

High Rise Massive Timber Buildings - Insurance Information Requirements

Date Added

21 October 2020

Fire Engineering for Resilience

Date Added

07 September 2020

This webinar will launch a new RISCAuthority/FPA guidance document aimed at ensuring that property protection and business resilience have been adequately considered during the design stage of a fire engineering solution and accompanying fire strategy.

An introduction to the RISCAuthority Supply Chain Risk Assessment Toolkit

Date Added

28 May 2020

The webinar will highlight the importance of supply chain management and introduce and explain how the RISCAuthority Supply Chain Risk Assessment Tool can be used to help businesses understand the risk with their supply chains.

LPC Technical Bulletin Update

Date Added

05 May 2020

Following the recent issue of updated LPC Technical Bulletins, this webinar is to inform the audience the technical aspects/changes and reasons behind the new updates.

Watermist - Why it's complicated!

Date Added

24 March 2020

Dr Jim Glockling discusses why watermist is unique amongst the suppression technologies as a background to understanding why its deployment will always demand much greater knowledge of the system, the environment it must work within, and the overall protection ambition. The challenges of making a comparison with sprinkler system protection, and the associated pitfalls, are also discussed.

UK Insurer Large Loss Fire Statistics

Date Added

28 February 2020

A prime directive from the RISCAuthority Executive was to make the collection of insurance statistics more meaningful to the membership and to extend the remit to capture flood information. Listen again to the 1st of two webinars by Dr Jim Glockling detailing the improvements made to make it fit for capturing future likely emerging issues. A 2nd webinar will describe new analysis tools to make the extraction and interpretation of data easier.